Friday, January 01, 2010

OK, almost three months of no posts is going to be too much to update. My non-posting has been a mixture on little motivation and lots on the plate. But now the holidays are over and I just spent the most amazing 20 minutes with my son.

I missed attending his graduation from Navy Basic Training; which sucked, and then missed plans screwed up not being able to have a weekend with him on his first bit of leave since leaving months ago. So, on his bus ride back to Pensacola he had a short stop just up the road. I grabbed his Christmas gifts and headed off for the bus station. A few minutes late the bus rolled into the parking lot and I stood waiting in the cold for him. What got off the bus was not the same child I saw over the summer.

A tall, well-self-carrying, handsome man in a Navy khaki uniform walked toward me. It was the same feeling I had when I held him in my arms as a newborn and looked into his eyes for the first time. Only this time, I had to look up to make eye contact.

He and I know exactly how to buy for each other; I had gotten him a hardcover Mad Magazine book and flash drive loaded with The Beatles newly mastered catalog for his MP3 player and he got me a beautifully framed graduation photo and Simpson's Bartman collector doll.

Since his time was limited, he had to go inside to get a drink and snack before the bus took off again. I just had to step back and watch him. He moved with a confidence I had never seen in him before. Every move he made was amazing to me. To look at this man and to know he was the same person I used to carry on my shoulders was an indescribable joy.

His girlfriend was traveling with him as far as Orlando, so I got to say final goodbyes to the both of them. He is going to be in Pensacola for another 5 months or so before getting his assignment so there will be opportunities for us to visit together before he goes where ever Uncle Sam sends him and I can hardly wait.

I hugged him goodbye and turned away from the bas back towards my car. I was using the excuse of the cold wind irritating my eyes for the tears that came. Yeah; that was a believable excuse!

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