Saturday, January 02, 2010

I guess one of the reasons I haven't blogged so much in the past few months would have to be Facebook.

I had signed up on it a long time ago but didn't really start using it until this summer. I quickly got in to the habit of those simple, little updates. I could spit out an opinion in 10 seconds and get on with life; so much easier than typing a whole dissertation here.

But then I started missing the depth to which I could write here. Sure, I had fun lighting a liberal fire and pissing off conservatives with one or two words but not everything can be covered in a quick little blurb. So, don't worry...the blog will continue.

I have enjoyed what has to be the best part of Facebook; connecting with old friends. This has been so much easier than it was on MySpace and I haven't figured out why. Maybe its because Facebook is so much more low maintenance than MySpace was. No designing a home page and adding all kinds of crap; everyone's page is the same. Sure, there's the distracting games and quizzes but those are easily ignored.

If you've been reading this for a while, then you know how much a nostalgic person I can be. Facebook feeds that perfectly.I have reconnected with old school friends, neighbors and more. There are some people who know people I know and add me but I haven't got a clue who some of them are but it doesn't seem as annoying as the game of "adding" people as there was on MySpace. I have found my first wife and "almost" third wife. I tried connecting with the first (never heard back from her) and never felt the need to reach out to the other....yet.

OK, so maybe nostalgia can be a little dangerous!

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sistermoon65 said...

Yeah...I'm a Facebook whore too. Same reasons why I don't update mine...